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What we do

Extract and Sanitize your data

We build relationships with all of your different data sources to extract your information whenever you need it. From there it can be enhanced with our proprietary data management software so you can get the most out of your info.

Workflow Analysis

Tasks that require your data to be processed and administered become time consuming and complex. We analyze your data from a workflow perspective and provide solutions to automate and optimize these every day jobs.

Storage / Redundancy

Your data will be stored securely and can be available in the event of a disaster from our globally diverse data centers.

Analytics and Custom Reporting

Every business is different and one solution doesn’t fit every need. Our reporting tool was specifically made with flexibility and customization in mind. Your dedicated KTS resources will help you build a reporting solution that makes sense for your business.

Daily Subscriptions

Clean, white labeled, reporting packages can be delivered throughout your business daily whenever they need it on regularly scheduled intervals. Ad-Hoc data requests are also managed through dedicated support services provided to you 24/7.

About US

Keep Technology Simple

How much are you paying for data management ?

The idea of KTS came from seeing that there is a hidden cost of data surface as companies consider growth and scaling. We pay for data to be stored and backed up. We pay for teams to build up our data and manage its operations. We pay for data with time and effort to get the most useful output where requirements for different kinds of output are constantly changing with our businesses.

The solution to offset these expenses is a data management service combined with a support service that collaborates with you to manage your growing business needs. The technology we built in-house effectively supports the flow of your company’s data from various sources and is adaptable enough to be able to build out new output/calculations from that data without the need of major development; providing quicker turnarounds and fewer additive costs.


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